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The core of the Balancing Act suite is the simulation. This easy to set-up, interactive tool is the best way to communicate financial information to residents and get their informed feedback. Replace static citizen budgets and other PDF's with a much more powerful learning tool.

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Easy import


Fine-tune questions to get meaningful input


Available in multiple languages


Can be used in face-to-face and online meetings with Meeting Mode, which turns the simulation into a facilitation tool


A research version is available for use with representative samples to give you "sincere preferences data" that surpasses any survey


Detailed reporting provides user-level data on resident priorities

How Balancing Act Simulation Helps


  • Share the most important information; not just a data dump
  • Provide layers of context, allowing users to get more information as needed
  • Let residents see the information you use to make budget decisions
  • Connect budget with service levels and policy options


  • Show residents what their taxes buy
  • Demonstrate value provided by government
  • Build trust, this year and into the future


  • Build a two-way relationship with residents based on facts
  • Get informed input on service levels and priorities
  • Go beyond simplistic surveys to get true willingness to pay or cut information
  • Build public understanding to give you flexibility and options in a downturn
  • Put users in your shoes, including taking into account demand for services, legal and financial constraints

When To Use Balancing Act During Budget Process

When to use Balancing Act

“I feel strongly that the community should be heard as we make important decisions about where and how to invest our resources into programs and services that empower more people.”

-Chris Abele, County Executive
Milwaukee County

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